Enjoy your evening in Corralejo – Food, Drinks & Night Life

Your evening in Corralejo: Are you hungry?

After your active day in Corralejo, no matter if you have tried one of the 10 things to do in Corralejo or if you have been surfing, you will be hungry. The good news is that there are plenty of nice places to eat in Corralejo, whether you´re looking for typical Canary food, fresh fish, Spanish dinner, international meals or if you like to choose something from the big Italian influence in town, you won´t be disappointed.

And you can also go salsa dancing in the evening. Here is a short video about my ‘steps’ after living in Corralejo and taking salsa lessons there. Did you know that in addition to surfing, there are many other fun things to do in Corralejo? Click here, I wrote a blog post about things to do in Corralejo in Fuerteventura! But let’s move on to your evening in Corralejo!


So many restaurants and places to eat in Corralejo!

Personally, I have a preference for local places with low to average prices, sometimes a bit off the beaten track. My choice might not be the same as yours but so far most recommended places below got appreciated very well by people travelling to Corralejo. I´m vegetarian but to make this post complete I’ve included many non-vegetarian places too, based on what I’ve heard after living for a coupe of years in Corralejo.

Feel free to share your favourite restaurant in the comment box at the end of the article, if I missed that one out. For more information about my style of travel, please click here.


Pimientas de Padron and Papas Arugadas, food and tapas of the Canary Islands
Canarias Tapas: Pimientas de Padron and Papas Arugadas


Typical food from the Canary Islands: Tapas, Gofio and other things like fresh fish & Seafood

1. Canarian Tapas: a mix from their own Canary tapas and Spanish Tapas

Typical tapas on the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura include:

  • ´Papas Arrugadas with mojo sauce´: small Canary potatoes with a red or green pepper-spiced sauce.
  • ´Pimientos de Padrón´: fried green peppers prepared with sea salt.
  • ´Gambas al ajillo´: prawns in hot garlic oil.
  • ´Queso Majorero´: goat´s cheese from Fuerteventura. Sometimes it is offered fried (´queso frito´) with marmalade or honey.
  • `Ensaladilla Rusa´: Russian Salad with boiled potatoes, carrot, peas, eggs, olives, mayonnaise and sometimes tuna or other vegetables like onion or peppers.
  • ´Tortilla Española´: omelette with potato, onion and parsley.
  • ´Boquerones en vinagre´: anchovies in vinegar
  • ´Pan de matalauva con alioli´: Bread prepared with green anise accompanied with garlic mayonnaise sauce

More tapas include Serrano ham, fish croquettes, mussels, squid, mushroom in garlic oil, sardines, and much more. Cheeses from the other islands include ´queso tierno´ (soft cheese), ´Flor de Guia´ from Gran Canaria and smoked cheese from La Palma.

2. Gofio: a traditional Canary food

Gofio is typical and traditional of the Canary Islands and has been the basis of nutrition for a long time in history. It´s a toasted grain, originally sweetcorn, used as a breakfast cereal, especially for children. It is also used in soups, purees and other foods, I can recommend to try one of the Gofio desserts.

3. Fresh Fish, Seafood and other Canary dishes like Potaje

Seafood is popular. Fresh fish, calamares (squid rings) and prawns are common and paella can be eaten in most local places too. One of my favourite soups is called ´potaje de lentejas´, a lentil-based vegetable soup. Locally grown fruits, nuts and vegetables of the Canary Islands include banana, mango, oranges, cactus fruit, figs, almonds, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, chestnuts, grapes and much more.

Typical Beverages of the Canary Islands: Alcoholic Drinks, Coffee & Juices


´Cerveza Tropical´, the beer of Canarias
Tropical the beer of the Canary Islands
1. Beer & Wine from the Canary Islands

Canarian commercial beers include ´Reina´ (original Tenerife), ´Dorada´ (original Tenerife) and ´Tropical´ (original Gran Canaria). Grapes are cultivated and wines are made on all Canary Islands, except Fuerteventura. Most popular are the wines from Tenerife and Lanzarote. Lanzarote is known for her sweeter dessert wine but also produces good dry white wine.

I have had a great red wine from La Palma once but can´t remember the name. If you’re not into Canarian wine, all places offer international and Spanish wine too, from Rioja wine from mainland Spain till imported New Zealand wine.

2. Rum & Honey Rum from the Canary Islands

Arehucas is a rum from the Canary Islands, producing since 1884 in the same-named village on the island of Gran Canaria. Arehucas was originally made from the sugar cane and is now a known brand on all Canary Islands for rum, you can choose brown or white rum.

´La Aldea´ was a distillery on Gran Canaria too but moved to the island of La Palma after closing down in 1960 and La Aldea is now on La Palma still producing from the fresh cane juice. Honey Rum is a popular drink and will be offered in many places as a free shot after your dinner, locally known as ´Ron Miel´.

3. Canarian Coffees: Café…

Typical coffees include ´Café Americano´ (black coffee), ´Café Leche-Leche´ (white coffee with normal and sweet condensed milk) and ´Cortado´ (small espresso with a bit of milk). Be careful with a ´Baracito´ in the morning, because it contains coffee, milk, condensed milk and liquor, sometimes even with lemon and cinnamon.

Did you know that the Canary Islands is home to the only coffee plantation in Europe?

On the island of Gran Canaria, in the beautiful place of Agaete they grow coffee. The place in the mountains is definitely worth a visit. Wine is also grown there and things like oranges, mangos and avocado.

4. Juices & Soft Drinks: fresh orange juice all around the islands

Fresh orange juice is almost everywhere available on the islands and you can order it as ´Zumo Natural´. Juice from the Aloe Vera plants is sometimes added to packed juices or smoothies since Aloe Vera grows all around the islands. And the drink water company of Gran Canaria, called Firgas, makes their own soft drinks called ´Urban Coke´, but also make their own lemonade and orange fizzy drink amongst more.



Coffee Tufía
Coffee Local Style Canary Islands. Tufia, Gran Canaria


Restaurants and other places to eat in Corralejo on Fuerteventura

So after you now know a bit more about typical Canarian dishes, let me share some of my favourite places to eat in Corralejo. Even though they are not only about Canary food, you might choose for an international restaurant but still enjoy a ´tropical´ beer with your dinner, have ´Gambas al ajillo´ as a starter or choose for a gofio dessert with a ´cortado´ after your dinner.

Most of the products of the Canary Islands are offered in almost all bars, either in the form of drinks, starters or desserts. Even in the Asian restaurants, you’ll probably get a free honey rum after your dinner.

Great places to eat tapas in Corralejo

´Más que Nada´ – tapas

This is absolutely my favourite place for typical local Canary food. It is located in ´Calle Mirlo´, next to the big Hiperdino in the old part of town. The place looks a bit like a cafeteria with an advertisement for ´chicken & chips´ outside. But they offer a tapas menu which just makes you wanna come back. Besides of the tapas, they also have homemade pizzas, ´platos combinados´ (main dish plates), a variety of Argentinian empanadas and nice desserts.

Más que nada in Correlejo also serves breakfast and lunch and their menu is very complete. The prices are very cheap here but this doesn´t make the quality less. My favourite tapas are the delicious spinach croquettes. Even though the place is usually full of local people, they now have an English menu card available. Closed on Sundays.

Tip for ´Más que Nada´ tapas bar

Go inside to check what’s under the glass vitrines next to the bar inside, they have daily fresh food prepared which is not all on the menu card.

Other tapas bars

Other nice places for tapas are ´Pincha Cabra´ and ´Casa Domingo´. Both are also located in the old part of town. Just ask your reception, the names are well known in town. In my opinion, the quality is similar to the one in ´Mas que nada´. If you would like to go to a more fancy restaurant for tapas, try ´Tapas Oscar´ on the square with more touristy restaurants in ´Calle Iglesia´.

Restaurants for plates with Fish & Meat in Corralejo

Avenida – Spanish restaurant

Even though this place has a limited choice for vegetarians (salad, a few tapas or a Spanish tortilla), it´s well-liked among the non-vegetarians. The place is known for big, but good, plates for almost no money. Many local people go there too on a regular base. It’s located in ´Calle Gral. Prim´, also in the old part of town, just ask around or google the place. Sometimes there can be a long queue, so make sure to go well in time. Closed on Mondays.

Tip for Spanish Restaurant ´La Avenida´

If the plates are too big, you can also order ´half a portion´, which might be enough!

Fresh Fish, Seafood & Paella in Corralejo

´La Loncha´ – great for fresh fish

A good place for fresh fish is called ´La Loncha´ and is located right in the harbour where you can find the small stands to buy a ticket to Lobos. I heard that this place is owned by fishermen. They are open every day from 07.00 am till 09.00 pm.

La Arroceria – specialized in Paella

This place is a bit more expensive, I have never tried it but have heard that it’s very good. The place is located, again in the old part of town, in the street called ´Calle Pejin´, behind the big Hiperdino. The place is open both for lunch and dinner on the weekends, then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the evenings only and is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Tip for eating paella at ´La Arroceria´

Although there are many places in Corralejo where you can eat paella, this place, in particular, is specialised in paella. You can choose between a different variety including meat, fish or vegetarian and pick your own choice of rice.



Hamburgers & Veggie Burgers in Corralejo


Single Fin Restaurant
Singe Fin Hamburgers Corralejo: always busy!
´Single Fin´ – the best burgers in town!

It´s well-liked among the surfer community but seems to attract all kind of tourists. The place offers a huge selection in vegetarian burgers and hamburgers. All food is prepared in an open kitchen. You have an option to choose from homemade bread, which is delicious.

The burgers are huge and especially the ones with the homemade bread. Be warned that you might not be able to finish all your food, but maybe it depends on which activity you choose for the day. Closed on Wednesdays.

Tip for Single Fin Hamburgers

Sometimes it can get very busy but they do take reservations. You can sit outside or inside.

Other places for hamburgers

There are many other places serving hamburgers. Some of them which I haven´t tried (still vegetarian) are ´Break Out Bar´ and ´500 gram meat ´n´ burger lab´.


Pizza & Pasta in Corralejo

Big Wave – Pizzeria

A nice, Italian family run, restaurant offering good pizzas of all kinds. You can choose what kind of bottom you like (thin, thicker and which size). They have a huge selection of ingredients. The place is located in ´Calle Jesús Machín Santana´. Closed on Tuesdays.

Tip for Big Wave Pizzeria

If you can´t decide upon what to choose, try their ´surprise pizza´.

Other good pizzerias in town

Another good place for pizza is called ´Vivi´, it got taken over from ´Da Luca´, but appeared to go on with the same pizza recipes. It’s located on a side street towards the sea, just off the main street. There are lots of Italian people living in Corralejo so there are plenty of Italian restaurants offering good pizza and pasta.

Indian and other Asian Food in Corralejo

Bombay Masala – my favourite Indian restaurant

This is my favourite restaurant for Indian food in Corralejo. It´s a small, family-run, business and established in 1998. It is located in Calle Jesús Machín Santana, just around the square where they have live music outside: Plaza Felix Estevez. They are open for lunch from 12.00 – 03.00 pm and in the evening from 06.00 pm till midnight.

Tip for Bombay Masala

This place is known for its good curry!

Many more places to eat Indian Food

Other places for Indian food include ´Fazz´s Indian Restaurant´ located in Calle Playa Chío and I´ve heard positive feedback about this place too but have never been there myself. Other places I only know from seeing are called ´Namaste Indian Tandoori Restaurant´, ´Indian Tandoori Spices Corralejo´ and ´Jaipur Indian Tandoori Restaurant´.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below, if you´ve eaten there!

More restaurants with an Asian kitchen like Japanese Sushi and Chinese

Other Asian restaurants include ´Sushi e´ and also I´ve heard that this place is very good. There are other Chinese – Asian places called ´The Lemon Tree´, ´Asian Garden´ and ´Hong Kong´.


Vegan & Vegetarian Specialized Food Places in Corralejo


Baobab Corralejo, Fuerteventura
Baobab Vegan Lunch & Juice Bar Corralejo


Baobab Juice Bar ´Casa Vegetariana´

Baobab offers a selection of vegan meals and a variety of fruit juices and shots. The place is nicely decorated and the staff is super friendly. It’s not allowed to smoke on the terrace. The place is only open for lunch from 11 am – 4 pm, and closed on Sundays. The prices are a bit above the standard ´Canarian prices´ but for such healthy food still not very expensive.

Tip for Baobab Juice Bar

The owners and staff are big animal lovers and make sure to check out their lovely quotes all around the place!

More vegan and vegetarian food places & restaurants
  • ´H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Café´, located in Calle la Milagrosa with opening hours everyday from 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
  • ´Sanus Fuerteventura´, located in Calle Anzuelo with opening hours from 06.00 pm till midnight (except on Sundays). Also gluten-free.
  • ´Dr Sanchez Bar´, located in Calle Submarino with opening hours from 07.00 pm till midnight, except on Sundays.
  • ´Past and Future´ located in Calle Almirtante Nelson with opening hours from 6.00 pm till 11.00 pm, on Sundays from 07.00 pm and closed on Wednesdays.
Tip for vegetarian or vegan food in Corralejo

Even though there are not many places specialized in vegan or vegetarian food, there are many other places where you can order veggie food. Try out the vegetarian burgers at Single Fin or the vegetarian options in the Indian place.

The tapas bar ´Más que nada´ also serves a lot of vegetarian dishes and tapas. All Italian restaurants do vegetarian pizzas and veggie pasta. Also, read on for the next food category: Citrus Surf Cafe. This great surf café also serves very nice veggie dishes.

Places to eat international in Corralejo


Citrus Surf Café
Vegetarian Nasi Goreng at Surf Café Citrus Corralejo


Citrus Surf Café

Very nice place food from all over the world with a variety of vegetarian food too. They offer fresh fruit juices and nice coffees as well. Food includes lunch, dinner and snacks with wraps, burgers, baguettes and you can find something for every taste, from Mexico Burritos to Thai Curry. The place is pretty cheap too and most main dishes are under €10,-.

I love the Vegetarian Nasi Goreng from Indonesia. Located in Calle Anzuelo, just off the main street in Corralejo. Open every day from 09.00 am till midnight, closed on Sundays.

Tip for citrus surf cafe

They have live music on Tuesday and barbeque nights on Friday!

Citrus Café
Citrus Surf Café Corralejo

Other restaurant options and food places in Corralejo

There are many more nice places in Corralejo which can´t be specifically categorised into one nationality or dish, I will name a few here, where I had a good experience.

  • ´La Luna Restaurante´, located in ´Calle El Pulpo´ and open for you all day, every day! They are open from 08.00 am till 01.00 am and offer an international kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarian options too.
  • ´La Marcelina´ is a small restaurant located in ´Calle La Balena´. I haven´t tried it myself, but it´s the favourite place of my colleague (I completely trust her advise since she is from Italy so might be a better food judge than a Dutchie).
  • The Brazilian place ´Boa Vida´, is actually a meat place offering barbequed meat, but even as a vegetarian I had a pretty good dinner there. They offer many side dishes, including salad, beans, fried banana, rice and chips and meat-eaters on the table said that the meat was delicious.
  • I´ve heard that the new Portuguese restaurant, located in Paseo Maritimo Bristol is pretty good too and people told me that the fish soup is the best ever eaten.

Take Away and a Quick Bite to Eat in Corralejo

Cacho Pan

My favourite place to take out a sandwich roll is Cacho Pan and located in ´Calle Juan Sebastián Elcano´. They have huge sandwiches with fresh orange juice for a very cheap price. They also offer warm meals in a local style and good pizzas.

La Tiendita

If you like to take a sandwich away for your trip to Lobos, do so at ´La Tiendita´. It´s a super tiny minimarket shop next to ´Miro Café´ and the owner prepares you a fresh sandwich if you ask her. You can pick your own bread and my favourite is the brown cereal bread, with white local goat´s cheese, tomato, oregano and olive oil.

Pronto Pizza for taking away pizza

For a takeaway pizza ´Pronto Pizza´ is pretty good and they make their own bases. They offer a variety of vegetarian pizzas too and have ingredients as buffalo mozzarella and pesto! You can eat in there too.

Coffees and Pastries in Corralejo

Piazza Grande

Sip a delicious coffee at ´Piazza Grande´ while enjoying the local vibe of children playing on the playground and local people take in some fresh air. Next to coffee they also offer fresh fruit juices, a restaurant menu and snacks. Their brownies are absolutely lovely and the staff is very friendly. The children playground square is called ´Plaza de los niños´.

La Ola

Another nice place for coffee with a nice pastry is the German-owned place called ´La Ola´. Enjoy your coffee with a nice sea breeze since they are located at the harbour site, in ´Calle Galicia´.

Tip for la Ola café

They have a pastry, so-called ´Caracol´ filled with hazelnut cream. This is a must-try! They bake them themselves in the very early morning. One day after a party, we could smell them baking and we knocked on the door, begging them to sell us some and they did. After that, I have been back many times!


Places to have a drink at night in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

After your active day in Corralejo and once eaten in one of the places above, you might want to enjoy a drink. Whether you´re looking for chilling out at the beach with a cocktail, for enjoying some live music with a nice glass of wine, for sharing your surfing experience with other surfers with a beer or for practising your salsa steps with a ´Cuba Libre´ (rum coke), Corralejo has a variety of nightlife possibilities for every age and interest.

Bars, Pubs & Disco in Corralejo


Bananabar Corralejo
Bananabar before it gets busy


Chill Out & Cocktails in Corralejo

Babel Cocktail Bar

Nice for a quiet drink in the afternoon or early evening. Here you can enjoy a very nice decorated place with sea view and very good cocktails. Some surfers hang out here too but there´s a mix of everything. You can also play a game of chess on one of the tables outside!

Other places for sunset cocktails

Other places for a cocktail are mostly found at the seafront where you can have a walk around and choose your best cocktail. Of course, in all bars, you can enjoy any kind of drink. ´Aqua Bar´ is nice too and they offer free finger food at certain times, but there are many places around.

Surfer Bars & Beers in Corralejo

Buena Onda, Banana Bar & Tequila Beach

These bars are a bit similar in style. They offer live music on a regular base and are thé places to meet other surfers and share a beer together. Banana bar and Tequila bar belong to the same company, and usually, when the live music stops in Tequila bar, the people go next door, upstairs to the banana bar on the roof.

The bars are located on the seaside just out of the local town. Buena Onda is just around the corner, the street is called ´Calle La Niña´. All bars close around 2 am.

Tip for live music in Corralejo

If the band ´La Banda Flotante´ is playing, definitely go and see them! You will end up on the dancefloor!


Tequila Bar Corralejo
Tequila at the Beach, Cocktailbar Corralejo


Dancing and ´Cuba Libres´ in Corralejo

Kiwi Bar & Bora Bora

These bars are playing commercial and Spanish music. If you have enough of the ´surfers chat´ with a beer in your hand, go here for a bit of dancing. You will find local people mixed with tourists. They are located in ´Centro Commercial Atlantico Sol´, just at the beginning of the main street, on the left, if you walk from the old part of town or harbourside.

Tip for salsa dancing in Corralejo

Kiwi bar organises proper salsa nights on Wednesdays. From 10.00 pm they start to put salt on the floor and you will catch the first bachata beats. No matter if you´re a beginner or advanced, you will find somebody to practise with!

More bars for a party in Corralejo

In ´Centro Commercial Atlantico Sol´, you can find other bars too, like English bars doing pub quizzes and karaoke. A busy touristic bar is called ´Flicks´, although I have never really been there I met many tourists having a good night there. There are also more Latin music bars with nice music and some late-night places to eat.



Other nightlife in Corralejo

Rock Island Bar

This place can get busy as well, and they have live music on a regular base, always in an ´unplugged´ style, like a piano player or guitarist. Rock Island Bar is located in ´Calle Crucero Baleares´. If you like to sit in an Irish Pub, head down to the Mc. Carthys Iris Pub, just of the main street. Sometimes they have live music playing. I´ve heard that people had some good nights at ´El Piano de Cola´ too.

Fancy to party or dance after 2 am in Corralejo?

Waikiki Disco

If you still have energy left, after the previous activities, your dinner, some drinks and a bit of dancing, there´s always the option to go Waikiki. Waikiki is located right at Waikiki Beach. The place only gets busy when all other bars are closing down, so it means only the real party-animals will make it there.

If you mention the next day that you have been to Waikiki, people will know how you feel! Perhaps a water sports activity will help getting rid of your hangover and make sure to drink plenty of water!


Enjoy your dinner and evening in Corralejo! – ¡Buen provecho!


Corralejo Tapas Citrus
Tapas Canary Islands

Hopefully, you can now find your favourite place to eat or drink in Corralejo!

Hopefully, by now I have helped you a bit clarifying the enormous choice Corralejo offers in regards to food. I hope you find a nice place to eat or drink because of the recommendations in this article. Like I mentioned before, the places I´ve named here are mostly based on my own experience.

Feel free to share your favourite place in the comment box

Maybe your opinion is different or your favourite place is missing out. It might not be complete since I haven´t tried most of the places at all, there’s so much choice! However, please feel free to share your favourite place in the comment box at the end of the article, if I missed that one out or if you have a completely different experience with one of the places above.

Looking for a place to stay for your holiday to Corralejo?


Room solymar Surfhostel
Room Sol y Mar Surfcamp


My favourite place is Flagbeach´s surf camp Sol y Mar Hostel

Although the name doesn´t say so, also non-surfers are more than welcome here. For me, it’s one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in during all my travels around the world. It´s a budget accommodation, super clean and with an amazingly good vibe. There are many 30+ single travellers and you can meet other people on the roof terrace.

At the same time, it´s quiet after 10.00 pm and during the daytime. Click here to book on booking.com.  Or if you prefer to book on Agoda, click here. Please note that I receive a small commission on your purchase through these links.

Do you prefer more privacy in an apartment or the comfort of a hotel for your holiday to Corralejo?

If you´re looking for a more private or luxury type of accommodation, click here for an overview of all accommodations in Corralejo with booking.com. I earn a small commission on your purchase through this link, and also if you prefer to book your accommodation in Corralejo with Agoda.

There are many different types of accommodation including private apartments, hotels and more. Furthermore, Corralejo is full of surf camps and hostel-style accommodations.

Book your accommodation in Corralejo in advance

I do recommend to book your stay in Corralejo in advance. Sometimes places are fully booked or you end up with another type of accommodation then you were looking for ie with a more expensive place or a shared room while you wanted to have a private room. Also, it saves you from wasting many precious hours in Corralejo searching for a place whilst carrying your luggage around.



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Looking for more travel information and things to do in Corralejo?

Please click here for my post ´10 things to do in Corralejo besides the surfing´.  My next articles will include my experience in the city of Bristol in the UK and visiting the Stonehenge. And since I have just arrived in Thailand you can expect some about this beautiful country and its diving too! You can also follow me on YouTube, Instagram of Facebook.

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